APESL Celebrates Global Day of the Engineer – A Day in the Life of an Engineer: Making a Global Impact.

The Association of Professional Engineers of Saint Lucia (APESL) celebrated, Global Day of the Engineer, in solidarity with 50 other participating countries with a members’ lunch on April 4th, 2018. Global Day of the engineer, is a worldwide event that celebrates and recognizes engineers and their contribution to society. Members of the APESL were encouraged to wear their APESL polo shirts and to post photos of their projects, engineering wonders and selfies to their social media accounts on this day.

The guest speaker at the event was Dr. Didacus Jules, Director General of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.  In his remarks, Dr. Jules indicated the opportunities for engineers and the APESL in the sustainable design of resilient infrastructure, climate proofing, disaster risk reduction and other engineering related issues that have impact on the development of the OECS member states. His speech generated interesting discussion among attendees. APESL noted the inspirational remarks in Dr Jules’ speech and intends to move forward on a number of initiatives & issues that were raised.

The observance of Global Day of the Engineer resulted in a successful gathering and a continued sense of pride by all engineers present. The enthusiastic response from members led to the Lunch being sold out! We take this opportunity to thank all our APESL Members for their support and attendance. We also welcome the non-members for their show of interest and signing up for membership in the APESL. Given the enthusiastic response from members, the APESL intends to celebrate Global Day annually. We look forward to improving next year’s celebrations with an even bigger and better event.


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