APESL has six categories of membership namely:


Fellows – who shall comprise every person who has been elected to the class of Fellows as long as his name is on the Register as such. A Fellow shall be a person who is distinguished by his work in engineering science or practice or who has rendered conspicuous service to the Company. Fellows shall be elected by the Company from among persons who at the time of their election are Members of the Company and such election shall be announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Company.


Members – Every candidate for election or transfer to the class of Members shall be a person who, in the opinion of the Directors, has by his attainments acquired an established reputation as an engineer and whose admission as an Ordinary Member will be in the interest of the Company. In addition he shall be of the full age of twenty-six (26) years or over and shall either:

  • have passed the examinations prescribed by the Company or hold an Engineering Degree, or other equivalent award from a University or other place of learning at which the syllabus for the particular field of Engineering is approved by the Company.
  • and have satisfied the Company that he has occupied for not less than four (4) years a position of responsibility in Engineering practice after completion of his Engineering Degree or that he has been occupied for not less than three (3) years in recognized post graduate work.
  • shall be a Corporate Member of an Engineering Institution similarly constituted and which is approved by the Company or is a Registered Professional Engineer of a body approved by the Company.

Honorary Members
– the Directors may confer the status of Honorary Member on any distinguished individuals, not members of the Company, in recognition for their work for the Company. An Honorary Member shall be under no obligation to pay subscriptions or make any donation to the funds of the Company. The Directors may in their discretion revoke any such membership.


Graduates – Every candidate for election or transfer to the class of Graduate shall be not less than twenty-one (21) years and shall possess one of the educational qualifications specified in sub-paragraph ((i)) for Members.


Associates – Every candidate for election to the class of Associate shall be a person whose admission will, in the opinion of the Directors, be in the interest of the Company but who does not possess the academic qualifications required for Corporate Membership and who

  • shall be more than twenty-six (26) years of age, and who has held a position of responsibility related to engineering for a period of not less than six (6) years.
  • Or trained to Diploma level or a minimum as required by the Company.

– Every candidate for election to the class of Student shall be:-

  • Over sixteen (16) years of age, and
  • Receiving regular training in engineering, which the Company considers, will eventually lead to Corporate Membership of the Company

No person shall be elected a Student after the completion of his 30th year or remain a Student after completion of his 36th year.